Wetlands Activities

Wow! Another spring is here and again the board is reviewing the wetlands.

Many of the homeowners on the wetlands are aware that the association contracts with Pizzo & Assoc. to maintain the wetlands. Some of you may be aware that the wetlands are not natural wetlands and they serve as a runoff point for other areas in Darien other than our subdivision.

It has recently come to our attention that the drains on the wetlands are being clogged with sticks and other landscape debris such as grass clippings. We are working directly with the City of Darien to clean up and around the drains reduce the risk of flooding not only for our home owners but others as well.

We are asking home owners on the wetlands to please review the surrounding areas on your property for piles of landscape waste that may be sitting near the wetlands and remove it. Check your yard to see if the heavy rains are causing a washout of landscape materials into the wetlands. Any due diligence you can do to help reduce waste run off into the wetland areas would be appreciated.

We are actively engaging with Pizzo & Associates to assist with this clean-up. We do want to caution the home owners on the wetlands that any sort of dumping on the wetlands is strictly prohibited. Fines can be incurred.

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