Entrance Monuments

For the last four years the Board of Directors has worked tirelessly on maintaining the common areas in Darien Club.  One of the most prominent markers of our subdivision are the monuments on Darien Club Dr. for both the Cass Ave and Fairview entrances.

For two years, the board worked with the management company to find a mason that would repair and tuckpoint the crumbling brick. 

It was the opinion of all the masons that the monuments should not be repaired but instead a replacement should be considered.

 At that point the board started working extensively with Oak and Dale to determine the design, cost and timeline for replacing the monuments at both entrances.

CAD Drawing of New Monument

After two years of gathering designs, reviewing costs, and addressing other design concerns such as brick color, lighting and replacement plants – The new construction on the monuments is scheduled to start on April 15th, 2019.

Country Manor Eden was the stone selected for the new Monuments.
New Brick for the Monuments

Since the foundation of the monuments was in great condition and it was only the bricks that needed replacement, the board decided use the existing foundations and just incur the cost of the brick replacement.

In addition, the lights on top of the monuments have been replaced several times and continue to be an issue.  The board decided to remove the lighting from inside the monuments and adjust the lighting around the monuments to keep the entrances sufficiently lit.

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