Landscape Maintenance

Wow!  Can you believe summer is here already?!?  All the children are finally out of school and the landscape trucks are a regular occurrence in the neighborhood.  I would like to call your attention to the speed limit on local streets.  While I recognize not every car that drives on our street belongs to someone in our neighborhood, I am noticing an increase in traffic and speed on Darien Club Dr.  Please watch your speed as you drive through the neighborhood. Maintenance As we walk through the neighborhood, I have noticed that… Read More

Wetland Maintenance

The board has been working hard to maintain the common areas of our subdivision.  This year we have signed a contract with Pizzo & Associates to provide stewardship of all three ponds.  The scope of the contract includes up to 5 applications of herbicide to kill unwanted shrubs and undesirable plants not suited for the wetlands.  In addition, we will obtain bids in the fall to complete clean up in small sections.  Homeowners on the wetlands will be getting letters in the mail to inform them of the work.  Lastly the board… Read More

Welcome Homeowners

Welcome to the new Darien Club website.  The board is in the process of building this site to make it easier for the homeowners to find bylaws and design requirements for their homes.  In addition, we will use this site to share and communicate non- essential information to the Homeowners.  Future enhancements will include Calendar of events Association By-laws Design Requirements References for local services If you find that something is not on the site that you would like included. Please leave a comment or send an email to