Drainage on Property

With all the rain that we have received this year, many homeowners are experiencing puddling or drainage issues in their yard. The Board has received several phone calls and emails during or immediately following heavy rains. Often times after a brief discussion the issue is contained on the property of the homeowner. So, you ask, “What do I do?” First step, review you plat to understand your property line and the easement adjacent to your property. Yes, we all have them. Second, contact the City of Darien. Often times, there is a… Read More

Upcoming Board Meeting

June 18th, 2019 at 7:00p at the Darien Police Station The notice for the board meeting went out on June 10th, 2019 via email. If you did not receive an email notification, please email the board at DCHOA2014@gmail.com to be added to the list. The Darien Club Owners Association board will have it’s second meeting of the 2019 Fiscal year. Some of the topics we will cover will include: Monument Updates Wetlands updates Backyard drainage issue on Darien Club Dr. We look forward to seeing you there. The Board

Wetlands Activities

Wow! Another spring is here and again the board is reviewing the wetlands. Many of the homeowners on the wetlands are aware that the association contracts with Pizzo & Assoc. to maintain the wetlands. Some of you may be aware that the wetlands are not natural wetlands and they serve as a runoff point for other areas in Darien other than our subdivision. It has recently come to our attention that the drains on the wetlands are being clogged with sticks and other landscape debris such as grass clippings. We are working… Read More

Entrance Monuments

For the last four years the Board of Directors has worked tirelessly on maintaining the common areas in Darien Club.  One of the most prominent markers of our subdivision are the monuments on Darien Club Dr. for both the Cass Ave and Fairview entrances. For two years, the board worked with the management company to find a mason that would repair and tuckpoint the crumbling brick.  It was the opinion of all the masons that the monuments should not be repaired but instead a replacement should be considered.  At that point the… Read More

Thank You Dan

Letter from the President At the 2018 Darien Club Owners annual meeting, Dan Marszalek, President and our Scott Levitt, Treasurer, decided to end their tenure on the board. The board would like to take a moment to thank Dan Marszalek for his 15 years of service on the board.  During his tenure his leadership was instrumental in revamping the mailboxes, installation of the cobblestone on the islands to reduce expenses, and the replacement of the monuments on the Cass and Fairview entrances.  His goal during his tenure was to find creative ways… Read More

Site Re-Launch

Hello Homeowners! We are in the process of re-launching our HOA website.  Due to very busy schedules of the board members; the website was unable to be maintained.  But, the board recognized the value of more frequent communication with the home owners and hopefully drive up interest in attending the meetings moving forward. We have new posts planned for the next couple of weeks and are seeking input from home owners for ideas for the site as well. If you have an idea or a topic you would like addressed or have… Read More

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!  This is the weekend we honor all the men and women who lost their lives fighting for ours.  We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy memorial day.

Suspicious Activity

ALERT!!! The Darien Police were in the neighborhood today and alerted a few of the residents of suspicious activity. There are people traveling in pairs one pair is selling pest control services and the other claims to be there to test the water. In one incident on Holly the pair entered the home of an elderly person and while one tested the water the other person rummaged through the house. Police are cautioning residents about this and requesting that you contact the police immediately if you encounter either pair.

Spring is here

I am back posting after an unexpected hiatus.  To be honest, the winter months there is really nothing to say other than “Stay warm”.  So here we are in spring with all it’s glory and maintenance that starts this time of year.  We are focusing on several items this year and I will share more details about each of those in future posts. Now that the weather is finConally staying nice and above freezing hopefully, please take the time to look at the outside of your home to see what cleanup, maintenance… Read More

Annual Meeting

Just a reminder that our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 @ the Darien Police Department in the Training Room.  We have two board members up for election.  Come volunteer for the board and make a difference. I look forward to seeing new faces. The DCHOA Board Members