1st Semi-Annual Assessment is due 3/31/23

Dear Darien Club Neighbors and Owners,

Real Manage mailed Semi-Annual Assessment Invoices to all Owners in February. The 2023 Semi-Annual Assessment of $300 is due by 3/31/23, which is 30 days after receipt of your invoice.  Please be sure to make and mail payments to:

Darien Club Owners Association

C/O Real Manage

PO Box 4806

Oak Brook, IL  60522

You can also pay your invoice online by logging into your Owner Portal here:

Resident Services for HOA & Condo Association Management (realmanage.com)

If your statement included late fees for January and February, please remit payment by mail for $300 prior to March 31st and contact Monique our account manager at darclub@ciramail.com to remove the late fees for January and February.  Late fee removals are already in process. 

If you are paying online and late fees are assessed to your account, please contact Monique to have the late fees removed so that your payment can be processed online by 3/31/23.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Real Manage processed invoices two months after the Board approved the Budget at the 12/27/22 meeting.  This led to late fees being assessed.  Real Manage is in the process of removing late fees from the Owner accounts due to this error.  The Board appreciates your patience and payment of the 1st semi-annual assessment by 3/31/23.  

If you have already made your payment, thank you.  Invoices for the 2nd installment will be mailed in June 2023.  The 2nd installment of $300 is due by 7/1/23.

We encourage all Owners to pay online using their Owner Portal where you can also set up autopay for your convenience.  Owners using the online payment option are extremely pleased with its ease and convenience.


DCOA Board of Directors

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