Darien Club Block Party – 6/4/2022 @3pm

The Darien Club Summer Block Party is happening! Click the link below to officially RSVP and volunteer or donate if you’d like (further instructions on this will follow). This information will be mailed as well for our neighbors who prefer to sign up manually. There will be a box for drop off in the front door of 1524 Darien Club Dr. Feel free to tell your neighbors. We look forward to making this a fun community event! If you have any questions, please contact Tatiana at 312-401-3655, who is part of our Social Commission.

RSVP is due by May 18th, 2022.

Click the link here to RSVP:https://forms.gle/e7XCqTeHn86fgss8A

** Legal Disclaimer**

Please be advised that The  Darien Club Owners Association and Board of Directors bears no responsibility or liability with regards to any actions that will occur, transpire or result during or after the duration of this Event. As a reminder, any Owner or guest of such Owner, invitee, guest, children or participant who partake in such Event, do so at their own risk and liability. Any food or drinks consumed during such Event are also at your own risk. Attendance at such Event effectively serves to indemnify the Association and releases the Association and the Board from any potential liability, causes of actions, damages, accidents or incidents relating to or arising from such Event.

The Darien Club Owners Association

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