April 6th Meeting Summary

Another successful meeting is in the books with various topics being covered. Some of topics covered included:

  • The islands on Darien Club Drive will have their trees cut down by the city in the summer. They will then have new trees planted in the fall. By working with the city we will be able to save money and the city will maintain the trees going forward.
  • We are continuing to work on finding a solution for the mausoleums that are visible on Darien Club Drive. We are looking into the total cost of building a wall which could be installed in segments and other landscaping options.
  • We have contacted the city about the park. They say that it is slated to be updated in 2025 even though it was built in 1999. We need homeowners to continue to use their voice to get this done sooner. The Park District is having their April meeting on the 12th at 7:00. The meeting will be held at the Community Center on Fairview. If you cannot make it, try and call Bake Ertmanis at 630-968-6400 ext. 122 to voice your support.
  • Mail box inspections will begin soon. Please look under documents above for any mailbox services.
  • We continue to work to try and have Oak Trace improve the light pollution and screening for residents on Sweetbriar. The city of Downers Grove agrees that there is too much light. We hope to see some improvements soon and will look at other options should we not see progress.

We are starting a new commission focused on community events. If you are interested in joining other homeowners on planning the events please email Ellen.

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