Snow Removal

Management has received several complaints about the way people are cleaning their driveways and sidewalks.

No snow should be pushed into the street as this is a hazard and a violation of the city’s ordinance (below). Please respect your neighbors. We have had 37.4″ over the last 22 days and zero days of temperatures over freezing. 

From the City’s website:

City of Darien Snow Ordinance

City Code Ordinance 9-3-1G prohibits parking on public streets or rights-of-way within the City during a snow emergency. A “snow emergency” shall be declared when the snowfall exceeds one inch (1″) during a twenty four (24) hour period. Such emergency shall continue to exist until the snow plowing operation has been completed and the snowfall has ceased.

During plowing operations, the City’s priority is getting snow off the streets to allow movement of traffic. Unfortunately, during the plowing process, snow will be pushed onto curbs and driveways. As a result, snow banks become higher and driveways can become filled with snow, an unavoidable process. Please do not push snow out onto the roadway or approach a snow plow to prevent snow from being pushed into the driveway. Both of these actions are dangerous. If possible, residents are encouraged to shovel several times throughout a heavy snow period to prevent snow filled driveways. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated.

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