New Year Update

Happy New Year to everyone! As we begin 2021 we wanted to share a couple updates with the community:

  • Our next meeting will be held via Zoom on February 2 at 7:30. Check back here on the day of the meeting for the link.
  • Over the next few weeks you will see crab apple trees being pulled from the islands and common areas on Darien Club Drive and Sweetbriar. Most of the trees have either died or are diseased.
  • As the weather warms up, we will be planting new trees. We are in the process of identifying the appropriate type of tree.
  • If possible please try to shovel your sidewalk. The community has been very active with many people walking on the street. For their safety and for drivers it would be best to stay on the sidewalk.
  • Thinking of completing a large house project in 2021? Please check the design manual and reach out to Ellen should the you need approval from the Design Review Committee. In most cases a security deposit is required to ensure the job is done properly and with no damage to your neighbors.
  • Interested in helping out? The board is always looking for help and input on how best to serve the community. Please let Ellen know if you are interested.

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