Summary from 2020 Annual Homeowners Meeting

The annual homeowners meeting had a great turnout with homeowners providing feedback, voting, and offering up time to help improve the community. The board messaged all the projects that were completed and others that are on the docket for 2021. Some of the takeaways from the meeting included:

  • Targeting Q1 2021 for replacing the trees that are dying on the islands of Darien Club Drive
  • Start to work on community building events
  • Continue to look at modifications for signage
  • Further enhance the seasonal decorations at the entrances
  • Look at adding cameras to all entrances to help with any crimes that occur within the subdivision

The new board is back up to five members. Below are the current board members and their position:

  • Linda Pecora – President
  • Dr. George Battaglia – Vice President
  • John Becker – Treasurer
  • Anthony Pecora – Secretary
  • Alan McNea – Director

For those who ran for positions or have an interest in getting involved in the community, please reach out to Ellen at Oak & Dale and let her know. The board is always looking for help and feedback to improve the community for everyone.

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