End of Summer Update

With summer coming to an end, we wanted to provide an update on what is being worked on.

Given all the positive feedback the board has received in regards to the monuments, we are continuing to look for ways to enhance the entrances. The latest improvement will be spot lights on the middle island.

Over the years we have received communication from concerned homeowners in regards to the algae and water flow problems. We are now treating the water and removed tree trunks from the water. We are gathering information from vendors on how best to improve the water flow and flooding issues.

With the entrances being updated last year, we are shifting our efforts to improve the other common areas. We are looking to stop the soil runoff that is going into the ponds, enhance the look of cul-de-sacs and continue to cutdown and replace trees within the common areas. We are talking to multiple vendors to get ideas and best pricing. Given the size of the project, it will be a well thought out and vented plan that will be implemented over the next few years.

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