Commissions – Last Call

We have received a few applicants who are interested in joining select commissions. This is the final call for all those looking to have input into various aspects of our subdivision.

Below are a few commissions the board is looking to form:

  • Landscaping – could include season plantings, common area maintenance and lighting and watering new plants
  • Wetlands – the wetlands are in need of a lot of work. Anyone with experience in wetlands would be a huge asset
  • Community – could include social activities such as block parties, book club, running/walking club
  • Subdivision Appearance/Compliance/Enforcement – suggested by homeowners regarding other owners that are not following Rules and Regulations
  • Parks/Amenities
  • Holiday Entrance Decorations
  • Communications
  • Welcome Group for new home owners

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these commissions, please contact your property manager Ellen at

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