Upated Monuments

Fairview Ave Entrance

Well the monuments have been completed. In addition to the replacement of the monuments, other improvements to the entrances have been made.

Irrigation on Fairview is new. For many years plantings and landscaping on this entrance have been limited due to lack of irrigation. Well, no more. This year we now have irrigation on that entrance so that we can entertain the idea of having annuals and other flowering shrubs for an enhance entrance.

Updated Landscaping. Since much of the landscaping was really old (some of it original to the subdivision) and damaged much of the landscaping in front of the monuments needed to be replace. While the plantings this year were small the board chose plants that will grow much larger in the near future and will fill in nicely without blocking the sign. The plans do have room for annuals on both entrances to give it that pop of color. I expect next year to look even better then they do currently.

Updated Lighting. The board needed to update the lighting on both Cass and Fairview entrances. The Cass Ave. entrance saw the more drastic change with the addition of a second light. The size of the monuments required an additional light for the additional coverage. The Fairview entrance while still only needing a single fixture, required an adjustment. Both entrances received new light fixtures.

Painted Letters. Once the monuments were in place. We received many comments from homeowners that the lettering was hard to read. We heard you. The letters are now painted and visible from the street.

While the project was not without hiccups and the build took significantly longer to complete then originally anticipated, they are a vast improvement.

Any questions or comments can be emailed to dchoa2014@gmail.com

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