Drainage on Property

With all the rain that we have received this year, many homeowners are experiencing puddling or drainage issues in their yard. The Board has received several phone calls and emails during or immediately following heavy rains. Often times after a brief discussion the issue is contained on the property of the homeowner. So, you ask, “What do I do?”

First step, review you plat to understand your property line and the easement adjacent to your property. Yes, we all have them. Second, contact the City of Darien. Often times, there is a grading issue with the home settling or in some cases, as we recently noted, a drainage issue on the easement requiring some infrastructure needing to be replaced.

During the June 18th, board meeting, the City of Darien shared a letter sent to some homeowners providing a resolution for drainage issues documented in the fall of 2018. Due to limited budget of the City, the cost of the resolution needs to be shared by all of the homeowners impacted.

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