June Happenings

Please excuse the title of this post but it is unlikely I will get another chance to post until July.


The amount of rain we have received this month seems crazy.  When there is that much rain our lawns and trees and shrubbery seems to grow at an alarmingly fast pace.  Please take a little time to look around your yard and make any necessary adjustments to stay on top of maintenance.  Also, I noted that Darien Club Dr. flooded around the islands in front of 1512.  When this happens please check to make sure the storm drains on the streets in front of your homes are clear from debris.  While I suspect that this was just due to the heavy amount of rain in the short amount of time, I thought it was worth mentioning.


As noted earlier Pizzo & Assoc. were on site on Friday June, 19th.  They spent an entire 8 hours working on the wetlands and providing some clean up.  If you happened to see them let me know how it looks.  Since there is more rain forecasted it is unlikely I will be making a special trip anytime soon to take a look.


Summer is a great time to celebrate and have parties.  Please remind your guests that there is no parking on the street by the islands.  The dues paid by homeowners goes toward maintaining those islands.  In the last week I have noticed traffic driving over the side of the islands in order to avoid hitting illegally parked cars.  If this continues, the board will contact the police department and request additional patrols specifically catch offenders.

Management Company Changes

Cynthia Sipka is no longer our point of contact at Oak & Dale.  I have updated the site as of today.  If you need anything please contact Dennis Brugh directly.

Let us know what concerns you have or if you have questions on this post, please contact us at DCHOA2014@gmail.com OR post a comment at the end of this post.

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