Landscape Maintenance

Wow!  Can you believe summer is here already?!?  All the children are finally out of school and the landscape trucks are a regular occurrence in the neighborhood.  I would like to call your attention to the speed limit on local streets.  While I recognize not every car that drives on our street belongs to someone in our neighborhood, I am noticing an increase in traffic and speed on Darien Club Dr.  Please watch your speed as you drive through the neighborhood.


As we walk through the neighborhood, I have noticed that there are several homes that could use some maintenance on their yards.  The board is looking at homes that do not meet the standard design requirements such as “blue grass blend” for the front lawn and permanent plantings around the front and sides of the foundation of your home.  Also, we’ve noticed that there are many planting beds and foundation landscaping that could use trimming and/or cleanup,  More detailed information can be found in the design requirements and bylaws which are posted on this site.

Landscape/Architectural changes:

Many homeowners may not be aware or may have forgotten, but any changes to your landscape or any architectural changes to your home must be approved by the HOA board.  While I know everyone is very busy, I am working on a document that will define a process by which homeowners can submit questions and requests electronically.   Right now, if you have any changes that need approval, please submit an electronic copy to  Your submission should include the following:

  1. Plat of survey
  2. A sketch or drawing showing the changes.
  3. Timeline of when they should be completed

The board will get back with you within two weeks.  Remember, this approval does not replace the necessary approvals you may need from the Village of Darien.  So please check local building codes before starting any new projects.

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