Wetland Maintenance

The board has been working hard to maintain the common areas of our subdivision.  This year we have signed a contract with Pizzo & Associates to provide stewardship of all three ponds.  The scope of the contract includes up to 5 applications of herbicide to kill unwanted shrubs and undesirable plants not suited for the wetlands.  In addition, we will obtain bids in the fall to complete clean up in small sections.  Homeowners on the wetlands will be getting letters in the mail to inform them of the work.  Lastly the board will be implementing fines for dumping in the wetlands.  These are considered protected wetlands and if the board continues to invest in them, it is expected the homeowners on the wetlands also respect and follow all rules.  There are more details in the letters.

If there are any questions, please email the board at DCHOA2014@gmail.com or post a comment to this post.  We will gladly address your concerns.  As always, you can contact Cynthia @ Oak & Dale properties

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